Genuine Glacier Water from Mount Rainier

Being truly authentic must permeate every aspect of our products, from their divine source to our own belief in its greatness. And how we are compelled to share it with the world. And how we must protect, nurture, and sustain it always. In everything we do as a company in order to shepherd this unique water to market – from harvesting to packaging to distributing it, and in every relationship created along the way – this authenticity must take precedent. And it must be the one thing that is never compromised.

Glacia Nova's founding principles focus on building not only a commercial success in delivering this unique gift from Mother Nature to the world, but also an enduring platform for larger contributions to it. This is our mission and our promise – to deliver a truly authentic product, and to do so always in a truly authentic way. Our symbol of this promise is The Genuine Glacial Seal of Authenticity.

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Our Promise of Authenticity

Bottled water has become a crowded marketplace in a world which seeks healthy choices more than ever before – a world starving for honesty and real value, made ever more cautious of those things which are not authentic.

If there is one single intrinsic value we wish to imbue to the discerning consumer, it is authenticity. For, the most profound underlying difference Glacia Nova’s bottled water products share is the authenticity of their ancient Mount Rainier source called the Carbon Glacier.

We have come to know that this special water authenticates itself and its origin through its very consumption. Its fresh, naturally pure taste and the way it makes people feel when they drink it is a notably superior experience with notably superior benefits than typical bottled water. And although the authenticity of our glacial source is paramount, we feel that being truly authentic must encompass even more.