Genuine Glacier Water from Mount Rainier



Courage is rarely contemplated in the midst of a crisis or adversity. Often, it is a bi-product of the many times you simply decide to not give up. Our courage is born out of the strength of our convictions in humble gratitude for those times. We look to the Lion to remind us every day to have the courage to be critical of ourselves, to keep our cause a noble one – one in which the end game is to give, and to make that with whichever we come into contact better for having done so. And to never give up.

wheat, grapes, flowing water:

the harvest of hopes  secured

The coat of arms gives way to an abundance emanating out from beneath it, just as the ancient water flows out from beneath the glacier. Wheat, Grapes and Flowing Water represent the harvest, the fruits of our labor, the job well-done, and the willingness to lovingly share the prosperity. Life, love, health, prosperity: these are the fundamental building blocks of total well-being. It is our mission to bring them to the world.

spiritus fluo ex en montis:

life flows from this mountain

In Latin, 'Spiritus’ refers to the ‘breath of life.’ Glaciers are living rivers of ice – flowing, churning, constantly changing as they melt and renew themselves with each new snowfall. Such is the Carbon Glacier, held in the embrace of Mount Rainier – itself alive with the power of Mother Earth’s nucleus, exhaling her breath at its surface while warming its bedrock beneath. Together, this warm mountain and cool glacier create new life in the form of ancient virgin water. It cascades down as a river through valleys, breathing life to all things around it.


supreme protector; does not rest until objective

is achieved

The dragon resides in the very center of our coat of arms, protecting all of our values that this Seal represents. We look to the dragon as a mythical source of power inspiring us to remain steadfast in these values and to work tirelessly for them. The dragon is our warrior spirit, our drive, our inner and outer strength, and a symbol of our undying commitment to achieve our goal of bringing this water to the world.


The Water Bearer

The Water Bearer, symbolically and eternally gives life and spiritual food to the world. The water from the vessel washes away the past, leaving room for a fresh, new start. Aquarius seeks to dispense its knowledge, and its vision of equality and individuality, to all.

Mount Rainier:

home to our source, the Carbon Glacier

Mount Rainier is perhaps the most prodigious water collecting machine on the planet. It supports one of the world’s largest single peak glacial systems with more ice volume than all the other mountains in the Cascade range combined. Mount Rainier’s Carbon Glacier is our source of the most naturally pristine, healthy, and freshest tasting drinking water on Earth.

Water Bouget:

Carries Water to an Army or Besieged Place

The world today is besieged by the need and desire for clean fresh water. It permeates all classes and levels of society. Glacia Nova's founding principles focus on building commercial success around premium products in order to create an enduring and efficient platform for creating larger contributions. We believe that this water’s highest purpose is to heal and nurture the world in many different ways.

Dancette Lines:


This is the only true glacier-specific water bottled in the contiguous United States. Kept frozen through time, this ancient ‘virgin’ water has not entered the water table or water cycle in modern times. It predates any man-made form of pollution. Naturally pure, its own unique combination of trace minerals are held in colloidal suspension. It is 10,000 year-old melted glacial ice.


Medicine; Balance and the union of opposing forces

Water is the most essential and miraculous substance on earth. It can perform powerful services to a person’s health and wellness. The waters from certain glacier deposits on earth are much more powerful in supporting total well-being than other sources of water. It is Glacia Nova’s mission to care for and deliver the awakened power of this water for the world.

We wanted a way to impart our values onto our products' visual identities so that, even before the first drink of genuine glacial water enters the body, its authenticity enters the consciousness. We wanted a way to communicate aspects of our own authentic story in a way that unifies us with our true glacier water source. And, in turn, unifies all who drink from it with us. Below we define the symbology of our Glacial Seal as pointed out above.

The Glacial Seal of Authenticity